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Cultural Correspondent: "Teatro Colón" by Jaysel Shah, Georgetown University

Teatro vista

I have a confession. I only really wanted to go to Teatro Colón to see the spectacular interior of the building. I had seen some pictures, but they weren't sufficient to demonstrate the huge size of the theater with its gilded balconies. I would have thought that this dream of seeing the Teatro Colón would never be fulfilled because the inhibitively high cost of tickets if it wasn't for the Corresponsales Culturales program with CIEE. When I found out about this option to take advantage of cultural events that would normally be inaccessible to students, I decided to go ahead and buy tickets to the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra. My cousin was coming to visit me in a few weeks, and I wanted to show her this building that was supposed to be the most beautiful in the city.

Teatro escena

I think that I have never been in a building as amazing as the Teatro Colon in my entire life. Our seats were in the High Tertulia, a little bit to the left of direct center. From this vantage point, were were able to fully appreciate the massive, semi-circular structure of the theater, as well as see the stage. At first, it was a little hard to concentrate on the music because the building itself was so beautiful. The detail of the paintings on the ceiling and the intricately carved balconies were spectacular. Returning to the music, this was my first experience at the orchestra, and I honestly enjoyed it immensely. Everyone aroudn me had their eyes closed, as to not be bothered by visual distractions around them and just focus on the music. Others used the soothing sounds to coaxe themselves to sleep. At the end, the program lasted for more than two hours, which for my cousin and I, was a little too long. Nonetheless, I loved the entire experience, including the music and the beauty of the theater, and I plan to return at least one more time to see the opera.


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