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Summer 2015, Community Public Health Program, Issue I


Practicas en Olavarria

Greetings from Buenos Aires!

The Community Public Health Program has come and gone quickly! With only two weeks left, we would like to share with you some of the activities we have done.

First steps

The students arrived in late May. One of their first academic activities was to complete a Spanish assessment and participate in a COPI (Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument) exam. Buenos Aires Study Center students participate in the COPI exam at the start and conclusion of the program in order to measure their linguistic evolution.

During the first three weeks, students took introductory classes on Argentina┬┤s primary health care system, working on social and legal issues related to health, and studied the health system in Argentina. The course compared sanitary conditions between Argentina, US and Canada.

To better understand the local reality and apply the studied material, students participated in various health field activities. They visited health centers, took a sanitary tour and visited the national program, Argentina Sonrie (Smile), where students were able to talk with health specialists.

Argentina sonrie 3

The program also offered cultural activities including a city tour, a patriotic potluck (celebrating the beginning of the May revolution and Argentina independence), a tango class and a tango show.

Cabildo Tango

Excursion to the city of Merlo

We took an academic and tourist trip to the city of Merlo, located in the province of San Luis.

The academic goal was to discover the social and sanitary health conditions of central Argentina by speaking with health care workers, visiting a primary health care center, learning about the traditional use of medicinal plants, visiting a rural school and taking the opportunity to meet a midwife.

The tour allowed us to discover part of the Argentine mountains, cross rivers, and abandoned mines. This was a wonderful experience for students, especially because it is not a destination students usually visit by themselves.


Notably, the program collaborated with the rural school we visited. We brought an important number of school supplies that were distributed amongst the matriculating students.  


Fieldwork sites

The program offers tour fieldwork sites in Argentina and Uruguay in which students spend four weeks. The site options are: Mendoza, Olvarria and Concepci├│n del Uruguay (in Argentina), and Montevideo in Uruguay. 

These are the specializations we offer at each site:

-       Environmental quality and quality of life

-       Health Education and Social Development,

-       Healthcare in rural settings

-       Health promotion of children, adolescents and people with disabilities.

Returning from the trip to Merlo, based on their academic preferences and academic background, and after having talked with the director of the program, students were divided into small groups in order to travel to their fieldwork destinations.

They are currently working at their respective fieldwork headquarters.

Summer 2015_Concepcion